Paradox of frozen moment

MOMENT | 當下‧以後



20cm X 12cm X 24cm

The static moment of an object being frozen in time, juxtaposed with its other half which is slowly eroding away. A sculpture that speaks of paradox of different moment in time.

The layering of shadows emitted through the sophisticated composition of resin and woven copper is an attempt to comprehend its evolution over time.


Distancingwithout distance


We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds and with varying art training. Our paths cross at this unusual point in time, each at a different stage of life. We come together for our love of art and affection in sculpture making. We went through ten months summoning all our strengths. This exhibition entitled Distancing with Distance, presents a collection of our works as a wrap-up of our journey, but it also marks the beginning of a new journey. We come together, and we speak our minds.

PMQ 期間限定展覽

PMQ Pop-up Exhibition

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