Leung Sze Ling

Architect | Sculptor

Sze Ling gained her master degree in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong and is currently practising as a Registered Architect. She was also a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong in 2018.

In 2019 she pursued her interest in sculpture and completed the Art Specialist Course at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center under Mr. Danny Lee and Mr. Ho Yuen Leung, and awarded with honorable mention. She has also participated in various indoor and outdoor group exhibitions among others.

Afterwards, she gained her knowledge of Architecture for Exhibition from YAC Italy in 2022.

Sze Ling is known for her penchant for delicate and drastic surface composition revealed through the characteristics of natural materials, often in the form of stone and metal. Her perception of nature was reflected through the undulating form in the bodies of work, the traces and patterns of which were metaphor of the various moments of her encounter with it.

Group Exhibition


Ngan4+ 垠+ 《說文》:「垠,地垠也。一曰岸也。」意為邊界,又表示涯岸、岸邊。 HK Visual Arts Centre


Ngan4 , Pat Heung Farm Private Garden, Yuen Long


Distancing . Without Distance , PMQ, Hong Kong

融・五行 Art Specialist Course Graduation Exhibition 19/20, HK Visual Arts Centre



Honorable Mention – Art Specialist Course


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