Can’t own the mountain but to bring it away.

AWAY | 離去



100cm X 100 cm X 10cm

Expression of a scene where the impression remains, but the landscape is now far, far away.

The darkest monolith emerged from the void appeared in its most balanced form withstood the gravity with calm. The juxtaposed surroundings are being reflected via its symmetrical setting, highlighted with softest strokes on the surface.

Ngan 4 + | 垠 +


‘Ngan4+’ (Cantonese pronunciation of the word “垠” which literally means a river bank) is both an extension of an earlier flash mob sculpture exhibition held in a private farm, and an attempt of the participating artists to stretch imaginations and explore connections amongst humans, earth and nature.


Through the characteristics of the material and delicate undulating surfaces, her work revealed the metaphor and connection to nature.

©2022 by Leung Sze Ling